• Red

    Activates skin cell, anti-aging, and anti-oxidation through "bioactive light" of ~635µm to reach the dermis, stimulating cell growth and proliferate collagen growth, shrinking pores and smooths wrinkles, making the skin shinny and healthy.

  • Green

    Brightens and tighten the skin. The ~520µm light waves stimulate the growth of fibroblasts in the dermis without damaging the epidermis, making the skin plumper and firmer to give a younger look.

  • Blue

    Sterilizes while tackling acne and oily skin. The ~470µm rays repair skin damage, relieve inflammation, to improve acne and oily skin issues, bringing out fine and smooth skin. It is great to use after a long day of wearing masks.

  • Yellow

    Whitens, brightens, and improves skin redness.
    The ~590µm rays repairs skin cells, activating subcutaneous tissue growth, lessening uneven melanin, pigments, and freckles all while brightening dull skin.

  • Purple

    Deep cleanses and refreshes the skin. The dual emission of blue and red rays facilitates skin metabolism, replenishes skin energy, cleanses pores and tightens the skin.

  • Sky Blue

    Moisturizes and rejuvenates using The ~500µm rays brings moisture to the skin and protect it from drying from exposure to dry weather or air-condition.

  • NIR (Near-Infrared Rays)

    The ~850µm seemingly colourless rays penetrates deep into the skin to speed up skin metabolism, regulate micro-ecology, while nourishing healthy skin, improving skin pigmentation, and smoothens loose and dry skin.

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Artemis System + Apps Functions


Standard Mode:

The button is designed to change the sets of LED colour from the built-in beauty programme with a gentle press.​

Automatic mode:

Press the button for 1 second to switch to automatic mode, which has sets of rotating beauty programmes that focus on different face areas, treating different skin problems at the same time.

Personalized routine with mobile app:

The app can section the face into 16 zones, customize the LED lights in these zones to treat different beauty needs, and adjust the LED emission intensity and duration.

Intelligent weather mode:

The app will suggest different skin management routines according to the daily weather, offering an intimate and bespoke skincare experience

Simplicity "Men" Mode:

For simplicity you can go directly to Auto Mode and choose "Men" mode, which will use red light and blue light respectively to help you anti-aging and deal with oil problems.